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Cold Bay, Alaska

Trophy Sea Duck and Black Brant Hunting

Top 8
Reasons you’ll get the ultimate Alaska waterfowl hunting experience from Four Flyways Outfitters…

1.0 Get the Scientific Advantage

When your outfitter understands bird behavior from a scientific perspective, you’ll find yourself in front of more birds.

  • Professional Waterfowl Outfitter, Jeff Wasley, has had a passion for waterfowl hunting since he was 12 years old.
  • He parlayed this passion into a biology degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.
  • Prior to outfitting, Jeff worked for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) researching waterfowl.
  • Jeff has studied sea ducks, geese, and more from Alaska to California and Mexico.
  • Jeff still maintains relationships with the USGS in Alaska and even provides data and samples for the USGS Biological Division in Anchorage.

2.0 Only Waterfowl Hunting

  • With Four Flyways Outfitters, you get an outfitter who is dedicated 100% to waterfowl hunting – no other big game – just waterfowl.
  • Our focused expertise helps optimize your waterfowl hunting experience.
  • Jeff Wasley pioneered the first sea duck hunting guide service in Cold Bay, Alaska.
  • In September, on top of excellent waterfowl hunting, we offer our hunters guided Silver Salmon and Dolly Varden fishing.

3.0 Your Safety Is Top Priority

  • We will never compromise your safety and will avoid situations that are potentially unsafe.
  • Get an outfitter with a 100% safety record.
  • Jeff Wasley and his licensed guides are Certified in First Aid and CPR.
  • Jeff also has a Merchant Marine Coast Guard Captain License.
  • We maintain working cell phones, flares, radios and all safety gear on watercraft.

“I have hunted with Four Flyways Outfitters at Cold Bay on three different occasions. I have been many places in search of the world’s best wingshooting, and can honestly say that Cold Bay is at the very top of my list.”

J. Crews

4.0 Legal & Ethical Practices

  • For your protection, and the protection of our natural resources, all hunting rules and regulations are followed to the letter – no exceptions.
  • Abiding by rules and regulations will not compromise your experience, in fact, it makes it much more rewarding and sporting.
  • We will never cutting corners as this would put you at risk for fines, equipment seizures, and embarrassment.

5.0 Comfortable and Clean Lodging

  • Our lodge is located in the town of Cold Bay, Alaska with quick access to local library, the airport, and general & liquor store.
  • Two full, modern bathrooms with plenty of hot water for everyone.
  • Two mudrooms keep our living space clean from outdoor elements.
  • Visit our lodging page for more information.

“I’ve had the pleasure of hunting with Jeff Wasley 4 times. He works in a challenging environment but his dedication and hard work produces birds for his clients.”

B. Figge

6.0 All Inclusive Pricing – No Hidden Fees

  • Our prices include all home cooked meals and warm, clean lodging.
  • We do not overbook our hunts, which ensures that you will be able to participate in each day’s activities.
  • We will even clean, package, and freeze all of the meat you obtain from your hunting and fishing adventures.

7.0 Conservation

  • Members of Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl.
  • We donate to the California, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Alaska Waterfowl Associations.
  • We provide data and samples for the USGS Biological Division in Anchorage.

8.0 Customized Alaska Experience

  • We’re 100% focused on helping you get the Alaska experience you desire.
  • Whether you are seeking an unforgettable recreational experience or pursuing that elusive species for your collection, we can deliver.
  • There are lots of activities for non-hunters, too. Many guests bring their families to experience all that Alaska has to offer including: beachcombing, wildlife viewing, sightseeing, fishing, and hiking.
  • It all begins with contacting Jeff, so he can evaluate your needs and prepare a package for you.

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